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Managing Staffing Issues With a Work Scheduling Software

Do you own or manage an 8-to-5 business? If so, you should have little trouble organizing your people. Since everyone works the same hours, staffing levels can be easily monitored, and it’s highly unlikely that a personnel would be a no-show because he forgot about or wasn’t aware of his next duty schedule hotschedules com login

For those managers, supervisors, and proprietors of businesses that have several locations and varying employee time schedules however, the task of work scheduling isn’t as easy. You have to be aware all the time how many employees are required and at what time. Then you need to consider the pay rates and budgeting limits of the business. Finally, you also have to deal with issues that concern the employees themselves.

Sounds familiar? Here are more common staffing concerns that you will likely encounter and here’s how an employee scheduling software can help.

Employee Resignations

Having an employee quit on you just when you’ve already created a schedule that works for everyone is a big hassle but something that’s not really surprising if you’ve got a large-scale enterprise with many workers. The larger the workforce, the higher the turnover rate. But what else can you do but deal with such a situation. Good thing, a staff scheduling service or software helps you fill in the gap easily.

Uncommon Shift Rotations

Depending on the nature of the enterprise, some businesses may start late in the day and run until the wee hours of the morning. Others use split schedules while some simply operate 24/7. The most important thing about running such types of businesses is ensuring that all shifts are adequately staffed. Any misstep in the scheduling and you can be left with a shift that has too many or too few workers. If you’re using an employee scheduling software, there is little to no chance that you’ll end up having over or undermanned shifts. Plus, you need not spend as much time creating the schedule.

Varying Employee Rates

The labor cost per shift is a crucial factor that needs to be included in the planning of staff schedules. Some personnel may have higher rates than others due to experience and ranking, and there are also staff supervisors to include in the calculations. An automated employee scheduler does the costing for you – promptly and accurately at that – so you can make the necessary adjustments and keep expenses within budget.


While most organizations don’t have an official policy regarding seniority, staff members who have been around the longest often feel some entitlement to getting the most ideal work hours. If the scheduling were done manually, it would be difficult to say no to the more senior employees every time they request for certain shifts. But by using a work scheduling tool, you can better balance the “rights” of your senior staff while also giving heed to the needs of the newer employees of the company.

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