Blender That Does The Work For You

Not all blender blends well and not all food processors chop nicely as well. One disadvantage of having a blender is cleaning it after you are done. Imagine that you’ve finally washed up all those dirty pots and pans, the chinaware and the antique cutlery sets that you used after a party and you look at your sink, you see a huge blender and food processor sitting there, waiting to be washed.
After you’ve finished washing those dirty rascals, you noticed that your finger feels rough from the chemicals the soap has and your fingers have turned into a dried prune. But this problem can finally be solved, I’m not going to recommend you a self-cleaning food processor or blender, but an immersion blender that can be used to blend and chop your food! I’m going to recommend the best blender anyone could have!

The brand Braun has created the Multiquick 7 Hand Blender that can help you in your kitchen anytime, anywhere! The Braun immersion blender is tested and proven to be the best in pureeing and blending foods. Ordinary blenders require you to shake them or poke the food deeper in order to blend well or maybe adding more water which could cause your sauce to be too watery. Braun promises you the best results in your soup, smoothies and sauce in every meal. To get more information you can check out best blender ratings here.

Braun immersion blender can also be used as a food processor with the chopper attachment provided. This fine attachment can chop through anything in its way from vegetables, fruits and even meat.  Your perfect soup and salad is guaranteed by its sharp blades that cut and blends through your ingredients within seconds, giving you a fine, consistent texture in your soup. Who likes soup with lumps of mushrooms in an extremely watery soup anyway?

Most immersion blender that I’ve tried would only come in 3 different speeds or sometimes lesser than that. But Braun has a built in 15 speeds plus a turbo function that can be operated easily with one hand at the top of the handle. The handle is comfortable to ensure comfort when using while other blender tends to vibrate vigorously that brings discomfort when blending food.  The loud noise from my other immersion blenders would wake my little princess up in one second after spending countless hours trying to put her to sleep.

I have been using Braun immersion blender for years and I have decided to announce it as my assistant chef in my kitchen. My kids enjoys using it in the kitchen as it is fun, fast and it has improved my relationship with all of my kids because they have been busy with studies in school which prohibited me from spending more time with them. I am grateful to Braun for helping me ease up my schedule as a busy mother of 3 beautiful kids. If there was a day when I have to choose between my house and my immersion blender, I would just kiss my house goodbye and keep the blender to myself!

Choosing The Right Juicer


Choosing the right juicer can be a bit confusing, that will depend on which juicers is strong enough to make the type of juice you want, There are three types of juicer, the masticating, the triturating and the centrifugal juicer, the type of functions will help you determine the type of juicer that is perfect for you.

Here are the best types or juicers to choose from;

Phillips HR1863 Juicer

This Phillips juicer will exhaust and extract all the juice from the vegetable and fruits; it is manufactured with quick clean technology in mind,
The juicer has smooth surface and easy to clean material, the juicer make sure all the pulp is collected in one place for disposal. The Phillips juicer makes up to 2 liters of juice at a go using a powerful motor power of 700 watt, the large feeding tube enable you to juice large vegetable and fruits such as carrots without precutting,

One advantage of this juicer is its compact design, easy and quick assembly of all the parts which are dishwasher safe and the size allow the juicer to fit anywhere in the kitchen.

Matstone 6 in 1 juicer

Matstone 6 in 1 is the best juicer for the people who want to extract healthy benefit juice, this juice has a capability to squeeze juice from soft fruit to hard vegetable and fruit such as Ginger, wheatgrass, kale and many more,

The Matstone uses the single masticating process to extract the juice efficiently, one unique thing about the Matstone is that it slowly chew and extract juice while reducing the friction when functioning to prevent heat that may burn enzymes and nutrients in the fruit and vegetable. This juice has very efficient energy consumption, easy to strip down after use and clean and it is a multipurpose machine. It uses a single auger method of extraction, it is inexpensive and comes with master juicer book.

Tribest Green Star Elite juicer

This masterpiece juicer is the most effective juice maker with improved features and twin gear technology. To provide perfect juice, the Green star process the fruit in three stages, crushing, pressing and now it has the ability to mix. The elite juicer is easy to clean, it has a new locking mechanism making it easy to disassemble and assemble, and the combine part is easy to clean and is dish washable. All the Tribest juicer is light and easy to carry with a portable handle, and comes with other items including glass pitcher, drip tray, cleaning brush plastic plunger and many more.

All of the above are the best types of juicers in 2014, depending on what you want to make, every juicer maker is different and produce high quality juice for you to enjoy refreshing moments.

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Best Kitchen Knives To Search For 2014

Every modern kitchen is never complete without a set of kitchen knives. Even though there are thousands of kitchen knives on the market, it nevertheless difficult to get the best kitchen knife that is able to meet virtually all your cutting needs. In this regard, it is time you read reviews to keep abreast with some of top kitchen knives on the market. Here are some of the best kitchen knives to buy.


1. Global Santoku

    • This is one of the Japanese kitchen knives favourable in the market. It is extremely light and thin and it features a razor-sharp edge. It boasts of being stunningly modern, thanks to its spectacular hollow handle. Due to its unmatched excellent cutting performance, it is perfect for preparing nearly all cuisines.

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2. Shun Classic DM0706

  • Besides it being one of the best kitchen knives, this knife is also popular in both Japan and the U.S. It features a flagship line that makes it quiet attractive. It also boasts of a razor-sharp edge that is made from pure stainless steel. It is hard enough to cut nearly all kitchen ingredients when preparing all types of cuisines.


3. Messermeister Meridian

  • This is one of the renowned and versatile German knives. It comes with a superb polished edge. It boasts of featuring a partial bolster which is used for purposes of sharpening the knife easily. It can also be used for all kitchen cutting tasks.

Here is what to consider when selecting the best kitchen knife:

Set a budget

  • Set your budget depending on the amount you intend to use when purchasing your ideal kitchen knife. The cost of the knife should never exceed your budget


  • Consider the durability of the kitchen knife you want to invest in. It should be durable and hard enough to handle as many cutting tasks as possible.

Know your needs

  • You should purchase a knife that is versatile enough to handle your needs. For instance, if you want to prepare Asian cuisines, purchase a knife that is capable of preparing the ingredients you need in order to prepare your preferred cuisine.

Choosing The Best Rice Cooker

rice cookerA rice cooker can change how you prepare your rice for the better. Even with plenty of rice cookers being available on the market, choosing the best rice cooker has never been easy. But if you research extensively on the best rice cookers on the market, there is no way you can end up making the mistake of purchasing a substandard rice cooker. These renowned rice cookers will enable you prepare that delicious plate of rice you are craving for.

Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy:? This rice cooker is among the top rated Zojirushi rice cookers. It is lauded for its unmatched ability to cook rice perfectly. It features 8 menu settings which include sweet, brown, porridge, semi-brown and quick cooking settings. It automatically adjusts heating time and temperature. Please read a detailed Zojirushi rice cookers review to learn about other top rated Zojirushi rice cookers on the market.

Aroma ARC-150B: ?If you are searching for a versatile yet inexpensive rice cooker that will meet your needs, this is the ideal rice cooker for you. It is suitable for cooking both brown and white rice. It comes equipped with a steam tray that is ideally suitable for steaming meat and vegetables. This cooker can as well be used for purposes of preparing soups, gumbos, stews and a host of dishes. Read full review

Instant Pot IP-LUX60: ?The 6- in -1 multifunctional rice cooker comes with 10-built-in Smart programs, 3 temperature settings and a digital control panel. It is capable of delaying cooking time for up to 24 hours, thanks to its manual settings which can be adjusted to cook the rice slowly with less heat.

Panasonic SR-MS 183: ?The rice cooker boasts of coming with a variety of heat control features, which are essential for purposes of precise rice cooking. It also features a Binchotan pan that is used for improving taste, aroma and color of the rice. Its dimple pan helps in expanding heat by over 20%, hence resulting in an excellent cooking performance.

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The Best Breville Toasters


There are several leading brands of toasters in the market. Each brand comes with its unique features. Consumers have different tastes and preferences when it comes to these appliances. Breville is one brand that has been in the market for long. Below are top 3 Breville toaster based on toasters reviews:

Breville CT70XL Ikon 2-Slice Toaster

It has a premium brushed stainless steel exterior. This toaster has many features including a control dial, a cord storage and removable crumb tray. However, its top features include:

  • Electronic timer- An electronic timer means you can have your bread toasted in the optimum manner.
  • High lift Lever- This ensures you can access the toasted bread with ease without digging for it with forks.
  • LCD Display Look- This feature makes it look good while in the top of the kitchen counter top.
  • Wide Toasting Slots- This allows you to toast all sizes of bread.

Breville Die-Cast Toaster

With these toaster you just place your bread on the tray, then hit the toast button and the bread gets lowered into the slot. Here are its top features:

  • Powerful Motor- It has a 900-watt motor.
  • Brushed Metal housing- This ensures the toaster will last you long and is stable on your kitchen counter top.
  • LED panel- It illuminates according to the selection.
  • Wide slots- To accommodate toast, waffles and bagels.
  • Comes with an Assist plug- It makes it easy to remove the cord and wrap it underneath for storage.

Breville BTA630XL Toaster

This toaster uses motorized one-touch technology. It is built of sleek, modern, premium plastic housing so that it can look good on your kitchen counter top. Some of its top features include:

  • LED Indicator- This shows the progress of the indicator.
  • Adjustable Browning Control- This feature lets you adjust how you want your toast to look.
  • Auto lift – It makes it easy to remove the toasted bread.
  • Extra long and wide slots- To let toast bagels, pastries and artisan breads.

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Best Buy Espresso Makers

Espresso makers are some of the most sought after devices by coffee lovers. If coffee has become the highlight of your day, it is time you budget on a versatile coffee machine. But if you have little knowledge about these machines, you need to do your assignment before purchasing an ideal coffee maker. This is solely because there are thousands of espresso machines brands on the market and it is hence difficult to establish which machine can meet your coffee brewing needs in the best way possible. Here are some of the top rated espresso machines that will deliver superbly rich and creamy coffee drinks.


1. Gaggia Espresso 14101

  • It is one of the best and most versatile espresso machines. The machine is relatively easier to use in comparison to other coffee machines. It features a host of sturdy and replaceable parts. It comes with a steaming wand that is ideal for steaming thick and superbly tasty coffee drinks. It also has a built-in digital timer and an auto-shut off system. To familiarize yourself with other types of Gaggia espresso coffee machines, please read several Gaggia espresso machine reviews.

2. Breville Espresso BES860XL

  • This coffee maker comes with a highly powered Italian pump that provides it with the extra pressure to crush coffee beans regardless of how hard they are. It features an adjustable grind size, a stainless steel thermocoil heating system and a conical burr grinder that is ideal for optimizing extraction of flavor from coffee beans. You can read Breville espresso maker reviews to keep abreast with other top brands of Breville Espresso makers on the market.

3. Cuisinart Brew

  • This coffee maker is ideal for preparing coffee for many people, thanks to its 14-once capacity tank. It features a stainless steel coffee grinder and 8 flavor settings for lovers of flavored coffee to select their ideal flavor from. It also comes with programmable features that will help you monitor the whole coffee brewing process. It comes with a permanent filter used for purposes of filtering coffee beans before coffee is extracted from them.Important features to look for in a espresso makerOperating speed
    Consider the speed with which the espresso maker brews coffee prior to purchasing it. The higher the operating speed, the better the coffee maker.Convenience features
    The best espresso maker should come with a host of convenience features such as an auto-shut off system, digital timer and flavor settings.

    Just like any other device, a espresso maker should come with a decent warranty to cover it from damages. A warranty is also a solemn indicator that the machine’s manufacturer has confidence in its versatility


Highly Recommended Air Mattresses

The best air mattress is all what you need to be assured of getting quality sleep during the night. But regardless of how urgently you need the mattress, getting a good mattress is not that simple as you may think. You need to do your assignment well in order familiarize yourself with air mattresses. Here are some of the top rated air mattresses on the market.

coleman-queen-air-mattress Intex Classic Downy coleman-premium-air-mattress

  • Coleman Single High Queen

This high quality Coleman queen air mattress is revered for providing excellent support and comfort, thanks to its soft plush top. It features an air valve system that is suitable for keeping the air within its coils. That is why this mattress boasts of unequaled ability to hold air well for many nights. You can also inflate and deflate it with ease, thanks to the fact that it comes equipped with a highly powered electric pump.

  • Intex Classic Downy

This full-size inflatable air mattress comes with a waterproof flocked top that is perfect for keeping water and moisture from penetrating it easily. It boasts of a flocked surface that is comfortable, soft and firm enough to prevent beddings from sliding off during the night. Its sturdy construction makes it highly durable and prefect for both indoor and outdoor use. It comes with a three years warranty.

  • Smart Airbed B9122GTMF

Talk of support and comfort and you are talking of this great air mattress. It boasts of providing comfort and support than cannot be compromised by humidity, temperature and location. Its electric-powered pump can inflate and deflate it within 3 minutes.

  • Coleman Premium Quickbed

This mattress offers an extra height that is suitable for keeping you comfortable off the floor. It features a soft sueded top that will guarantee you luxurious comfort during the night. It comes with a zipped carry bag that is designed to make it easier for you to carry and store this mattress easily. Its electric pump is manufactured for convenience since it can deflate and inflate this mattress within less than 3 minutes.

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